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It’s Suddenly Drafty In Here

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I work as a graphic designer. We do commercial printing such as business cards, postcards, and signs, and we have a variety of clients from small to large.

I’m working with a real estate agent on some signs and business cards. I create the mock-up and send the proofs by email. The client replies with some minor changes. I do those and sent the new proof.

A few days pass by, and I get a phone call from the client.

Client: “I’m inquiring about the status of my order.”

Me: “I’m still waiting for an approval on the latest proof.”

Client: “I approved by email! I’m losing money because you haven’t begun printing my order!”

Me: “I never received an approval.”

Client: “I have proof!”

She screen-captures her email and sends it to me so I can verify that she actually approved the order. I look at the screenshot that she sends.

Me: “You never hit send; the email is still a draft.”

She goes silent for a moment.

Client: “When can I have my stuff, then?”

She got her stuff a few days later.

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