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It’s Spanish-ish

| Learning | May 12, 2017

(I go to a private Baptist high school, and our Spanish teacher is running late. Having learned some of the more fun sayings, words, etc. from my friend’s housekeeper, I decide to share my newly acquired knowledge with the class while we are waiting.)

Me: *saying several colorful things in Spanish, not noticing the teacher come in*

Teacher: “Mr. [My Name]! First off, your accent and pronunciation are horrible!”

(He goes on to correct my impromptu lesson, giving the class the proper accents and inflections, as well as providing the correct dialects and words for our living so close to Mexico — apparently I had been taught South American Spanish from the housekeeper, and yes, there is a difference. As the bells are ringing for class to dismiss:)

Teacher: “And, the other thing, [My Name]: if I hear you or anyone else using what you’ve learned today on school grounds, you’re all going to detention!”

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