It’s So Easy… Yet So Difficult

, , , | Right | December 24, 2008

(I work for the online customer service branch of a major department store, answering questions via “live help.” The store has many older customers who often have trouble shopping online. The following is an online conversation I have.)

Customer: “Your site won’t let me get through!”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. Could you tell me what part of the site you were having an issue with?”

Customer: “It keeps telling me that I have the wrong password. I have my password!”

(I look up her password and use it on the site to make sure it works.)

Me: “I have tested your password and it appears to be working. Would you like me to send you an email with a copy of your password?”

Customer: “NO! I have my password! It says it right here on the screen, and I typed it just like it says.”

Me: *slightly confused as to why the customer’s password would be displayed* “What password do you see on the screen?”

Customer: “cAsE sEnsitIve! I typed it the exact way that it says here! ‘Your password is cAsE sEnsitIve’!”

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