It’s Scary Who They Let Drive These Days

, , , | Right | November 22, 2020

One of my duties is answering the phone that’s connected to the “help button” of the company parking lot. Customers are allowed to park there. To enter, you have to push a button to get a ticket and so the barrier opens up. You cannot drive into the parking lot without pushing this button and taking the ticket. To exit, you have to insert the ticket into an automatic pay station and then again insert it into the exit barrier so it opens. The entry and exit are clearly marked by posted signs as well as markings on the actual road.

I get a call and answer it, routinely checking the corresponding security camera on my computer. There’s a man standing in front of the exit, talking to me. No car to be seen.

Customer: “Hey, the barrier does not open up. Can you help me, please?”

Me: “Sure thing, just drive up with your car and I’ll see what I can do.”

Customer: “I can’t. The barrier is not opening!”

Me: “It won’t open unless there is a car standing on the pressure plate, right where you’re standing.”

Customer: “But how do I get it past the barrier?”

This prompts me to check another camera that shows a small part of the street in front of the exit. Sure enough, there’s a car standing there with its hazard light flashing and blocking all of the other cars.

Me: “Sir, is the [Make and Model of the obstructive car] yours?”

Customer: “Yes, I can’t enter. Please hurry, the other people are getting angry.”

By now I can hear the frustrated honking and shouts of the other people. I explain to him that he’s standing in front of the exit and how to get to the entry, but he does not seem to understand.

In the end, I have to get out and guide him to the next street corner about fifty meters away, from where he can enter the parking lot. I still don’t understand how he could have thought the exit was the entry.

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