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It’s Sad That This Is Remarkable

, , , | Working | June 1, 2020

I work in an assisted living facility. The phone starts ringing and, looking at the caller ID, I see the name of a home care agency whose worker I’ve just had to deny access to. Sighing and preparing for a fight, I pick up and answer.

Me: “[Business], this is [My Name].”

Caller: “Hello, this is [Caller] from [Home Health Agency]. We just sent over an aide and she told us she was denied access. I just want to apologize for that.”

Me: “Oh…”

Caller: “We had her marked in our system as credentialed when she isn’t yet, so that’s our fault. We’re working on sending someone else out as we speak.”

Me: “I… Wow, okay, great! Thank you for being understanding! Usually, I get yelled at when I have to deny someone.”

Caller: “Oh, it’s no problem. It was our bad.”

We went on to talk more about her new aide coming out, etc. But I’m still floored that she was actually understanding about me having to deny her worker access to the building. I just… that doesn’t happen. It was a very nice change!

Question of the Week

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