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It’s Rude, But We Get It, TBH

, , , , | Working | January 17, 2023

I’ve just started working for the Public Works department in my city. I work the day shift, but people are on twenty-four-seven, three-sixty-five to keep the city up and running. We share city vehicles, and the city has a small gas station to refuel our trucks and the police cars and fire trucks. We’re supposed to refuel at the end of every shift.

One evening, I’m getting ready to refuel my city truck and then park it and go home. For some reason, none of the gas pumps will work, so I ask a nearby coworker for help.

Coworker: “Do you know what we do when the pumps aren’t working at the end of a long shift?”

Me: “No.”

I’m thinking I may have to report it to my boss or something.

Coworker: “We say, ‘f*** it,’ park the truck, go home, and make dealing with the pumps the next guy’s problem.”

I laugh.

Coworker: “Enjoy your evening, bud.”

He got in his truck and drove off.

Despite his advice, I did eventually get the pump to work and refuel my truck so the night shift worker didn’t have to.

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