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It’s Really Too Bad; She Could Use Some Mellowing

, , , , | Right | November 17, 2022

I managed a dispensary for a bit while the health crisis canceled college. We had this one patient, an old white lady who constantly called on the phone to ask for deals. We had daily deals that never changed — all the same on the same day of the week.

I told this lady that I would not substitute a deal for her. She didn’t like that. She instantly became a meaner person on every call thereafter.

The OWNER delivered to her place to make sure everyone was all good. Keep in mind, I didn’t ever see customers in person. I sat at a computer doing the orders and occasionally filling them in-house for our drivers to take.

I got another call from the lady. She started with a rant about the rude Islamic Irani who delivered to her house. (She was talking about the owner, a mostly white-passing man with a Japanese mother.)

Lady: “I want [White Coworker] to deliver to me, instead! And you didn’t have [Edibles], which are my favorite, so I want two of the cheaper ones for the price of one of the bigger ones!”

Still playing the kind part, I asked to place her on hold while I spoke to someone with more authority.

Lady: “You liar! I don’t like the way you’re speaking to me!”

And I was done.

Me: “Sorry, I am no longer offering you any deal outside of our daily deals. You can pick one of those or pay full price. I do not appreciate your tone, and I will not let you speak to me this way.”

Lady: “You know I’m spending over $100, right?”

Cue eye-roll.

Lady: “You guys haven’t stocked this in weeks! This isn’t good customer service! I won’t be placing my order.”

Me: “Okay. Goodbye.”

And with the owner in the room, I blocked her number and got rid of her account. Be rude, you don’t get your weed. Simple.

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