It’s Only A Pokémon Moon

, , , , , | Working | April 10, 2018

I pre-ordered a Pokémon game, and the release date was coming up soon. A few days before the release, I got an email saying that if I wanted to get it as soon as possible, a store near me would be giving out ticket vouchers that allow customers to get it the night before the official release. I was unable to go get the voucher, so I asked a friend who had also pre-ordered the game to go get one for us both.

I pre-ordered the Moon version, and my friend ordered the Sun version, but only I got the email. I figured it was just sloppy notifications. However, when my friend got to the store and started talking among fans, they realized that only people who ordered the Moon version were emailed about the ticket that let you in to get game early. All those who ordered Sun were left in the dark. The store didn’t answer any questions, but a few fans came to a theory that the store decided to notify the Moon players because they would be more “likely” to be up at night-time.

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