It’s Only A Paper Towel

, , , , | Right | January 28, 2020

(A guest comes to check out of the hotel.)

Me: “And how was everything for your stay?”

Guest: “Well, I’m not happy. You know that sign in your bathrooms that says that you won’t change the towels if they’re hung up? Well, both mornings, my towels were replaced by housekeeping, even though I hung them up.”

Me: “I’m sorry for this. I will definitely speak to our housekeeping manager about this.”

Guest: *getting really angry* “You know, this happens in so many hotels, and it’s so bad for the environment. What’s the point in having the sign if you don’t even stick to your guidelines? You’re just hurting the environment like everybody else!”

Me: “Again, I do apologise for this. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Guest: “Could you please print me two copies of my bill?”

Me: *pause* “Wouldn’t you rather I email it to save paper? For the environment?”

Guest: *getting angrier* “NO. I want you to print me the copies now!”

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