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It’s Only A Paper Solution

| Working | August 15, 2016

(I have been reassigned to a separate group that also has brought back several retirees to perform jobs that they had done prior to retiring. I work with them, not for them, and have already been noticed for my problem solving skills and computer expertise.)

Retiree: “I keep trying to print out this wiring diagram and the printer keeps jamming up.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll have a look.”

(I proceed to clear out all the jammed paper from the copier, making sure every spot and roller is paper free. I then close up the machine to let it reattempt. It almost immediately jams up again. Finally, it dawns on me. The paper that wiring diagrams are normally printed on are on 11 X 17 paper; what’s jamming up the printer is pages of 8.5 X 14. I open up the tray that normally has 11 X 17 in it. Someone has grabbed the smaller size paper from the box right next to the printer and had just tossed them into the tray, missing the correct sized stuff one box further away. Considering the only person besides myself to have gone near the printer that day was the retiree, I suspect the obvious.)

Me: “Who put this wrong sized paper into the 11 X 17 tray?”

Retiree: “…I have no idea.”

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