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It’s Only A Matter Of Time “Till” Someone Snaps

, , , | Right | January 9, 2022

I worked in a bakery on the weekend morning shifts when I was fifteen. I started at 4:00 am and opened the shop at 6:00 am with the managers not starting until 8:00 or 8:30.

A customer got wise and used to try and pull the old “I actually paid with a fifty, but you only gave me a twenty” trick, usually around 6:30. Our float never had fifties, so it was pretty easy to tell. I would ask him if he was sure and tell him that if he had an issue, he should come back at 8:00 when the manager started. He never did.

After about five months of this, one day (after a late night), he tried it again on my coworker who was a fourteen-year-old girl and barely five feet tall. He was really being insistent to the point of aggressive. So, mid-serving another customer, I just lost it.

I slammed the open till buttons on both tills.


He promptly stuttered a reply and left. He didn’t try that trick again, at least when I was on shift.

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