It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before Disney Owns Him, Too

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(Even though I’m divorced and my ex-husband and his parents live in another country, I still have a great relationship with my former in-laws. My six-year-old daughter — their only grandchild — and I FaceTime them one morning. It should be noted that [Grandma-In-Law]’s English is horrible, but she always understands what I’m saying and what’s going on. [Grandpa-in-Law]’s English is okay, but he doesn’t ever understand what’s going on.)

Me: *to my daughter* “Tell them where you’re going next week with Grandma!” *my mom*

Daughter: “I’m going to Disney World with Grandma!”

Grandma-In-Law: *starts excitedly yelling in Hebrew* “So fun! Mickey Mouse! You’ll see the princess and the castle!”

(She then tells Grandpa — also in Hebrew — who wasn’t paying attention.)

Grandpa-In-Law: *in English* “Oh, so fun! If you see Harry Potter, you tell him, ‘Hi,’ from me!”

(My daughter looks at me, confused, and I see my mother-in-law rolling her eyes in the background.)

Me: *whispering to my daughter* “Smile and say yes.”

Daughter: “Yyyeaah?!”

Grandpa-In-Law: “So much fun! Harry Potter!”

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