It’s Not Your Imagination

, , , | Learning | June 19, 2017

(I work for a daycare centre. I am saying goodbye to the children before we close, when a young boy asks me a question.)

Boy: “Can I bring my dog tomorrow?”

Me: “Sorry, but we aren’t allowed pets.”

Boy: “What about imaginary?”

Me: “Oh, imaginary is fine!”

(His face lights up and I say I’m looking forward to meeting his dog. The morning after, the owner comes into the office where I am printing the register for the day.)

Owner: “Did you tell the kids yesterday that they could bring pets?”

Me: “No— Oh, there was one boy who wanted to bring an imaginary dog.”

Owner: “[Boy]? Well he’s brought a REAL dog.”

(I follow the owner out and see a bunch of children playing with a border terrier puppy.)

Boy: “Miss, come see!”

(I walk over and pet the pup. It’s seems perfectly content.)

Me: “I thought you said you had an imaginary dog?”

Boy: “I do!”

(I look at him and then his father, who looks rather amused. The owner then tries to convince the boy that he’s wrong, with the boy adamant that he’s right. Then the thought hits me.)

Me: “May I?”

(I pick up the pup and check its nametag. I’m actually silenced by the revelation and show the owner. She looks equally as stunned before laughing hysterically. The dad then owns up and admits he wanted to see our reaction before taking the dog home. The owner was impressed enough that she decided to let it stay as long as the other parents were ok with it. A couple weren’t pleased, but after seeing how happy their children were, decided to go with it. So Imaginary the dog got to spend the day with us.)

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  • Ellie Paine

    Who wants to bet that the kid named the dog that just for this?

    • EJ Nauls-Poland

      I don’t doubt it. I started showing my smart*ss traits when I was 3 and this is exactly the kind of crap I would pull.

    • Christine Wood

      I’m betting it was the dad. He seems douchey enough to try.

      • I Like Turtles

        You assume from one line of dialogue. People can be harmless smart asses without being douches.

      • Leah

        douchey? He played a harmless prank and was going to take the dog home. That’s not douchey.

        • General Ledger

          Yeah, it was douchey and not a totally harmless prank. I have really bad pet allergies, and if I was there would have had a coughing,
          sneezing, and wheezing fit, plus nausea. There is also the potential for a kid to frighten the dog, and the dog bites back. I don’t blame the kid for not thinking about about such things, but the dad should have.

          • Leah

            what so people aren’t allowed to take their dogs out in public now? I see people taking their dog for a walk when walking their kids to school. How is this different?

          • General Ledger

            If the dog is in the building, its dander will be left behind and aggravate allergies even after the dog is gone. That is not an issue if the dog is outside.

          • Madison Link

            “The dad then owns up and admits he wanted to see our reaction *before taking the dog home.*” It was the owner who decided to let the dog stay, and if any of the kids had been severely allergic, she probably wouldn’t have. Also, it’s a friggin’ terrier puppy. Not something capable of going on a rampage.

          • General Ledger

            The douchey part is his “better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission” attitude, rather than discuss the necessity of the no pets rule with the owner beforehand like a respectable adult. A terrier puppy can still bite someone if frightened.

      • Difdi

        Your life must be a sad, dark place if you consider having a sense of humor to be douchey.

        • Christine Wood

          They had a No Dog rule for a reason. Daycare workers are not paid enough to deal with the potential fall out that might occur. Some child with severe pet allergies might need to be rushed to the hospital or the dog might panic being surrounded by screaming hairless monkeys and try to defend itself. The care staff had no way of knowing what was going to happen and the father intentionally broke the rules for a laugh. How is that funny?

    • Carrie

      Or he had an imaginary dog so long that when they got him the dog, they namrd him Imaginary

  • Glowworm

    This is probably the cutest loophole to bringing a dog to school ever!

    • thedicemaster

      i had my own loophole for bringing my cats to school: the cats where bringing me to school, and would come pick me up at the end of the schoolday.

      • Glowworm

        I love it!

  • Max

    Aww, border terrier! 😀

  • CeeCee

    Haha, that’d a brilliant kid.

  • ladyrage8

    I’m genuinely surprised, with greased pigs 1, 2, and 4 released on my brother’s school grounds being a general summary off the smart***es in my family tree, that this isn’t my family.

    • Glowworm

      That prank is a classic!

  • Souless night

    That’s as ridiculous as a dog on ice

  • RallyLock

    I had a classmate pull a similar trick when we were in 3rd Grade (about 8 years old). Our school didn’t allow animals on school property without prior approval from both the principal and the classroom teacher, and a parent had to accompany the animal at all times (kids couldn’t bring the animal in by themselves).

    This particular classmate decided that he was going to bring his stuffed dog in for Show-and-Tell, so the teacher didn’t think twice about allowing it. Come Show-and-Tell Day – and of course, the kid (and his mom) walk in with a very-much-alive Labrador.

    When our teacher asked the kid about the “stuffed dog”, the kid answered “Well, it was (dog’s) lunch time about 10 minutes ago, and we always give him a lot of food for lunch, so his tummy is still stuffed right now!”

    He got into a decent amount of trouble, both at school and at home (apparently, he never told his parents that they had to call the teacher and/or principal and get permission to bring the dog in), but he was still allowed to show off his dog for a few minutes since he didn’t have anything else.

    • kaninefat

      The parents didn’t know to check if it was ok to bring a pet to school? Though it could have been worse. When I read ‘stuffed’ I was expecting the kid to show up with a different kind of ‘stuffed’ dog. I don’t think the other children would have been very happy with that.

      • RallyLock

        I never even thought about that form of “stuffed” animal until just now. Where I grew up, we usually refer to animals that have been to the taxidermist as “mounts/mounted” – as in, “I shot my first buck during deer hunting season – Dad says we’re going to get it mounted for the hunting cabin!”

        “Stuffed” animals were only and always plush toys – i.e. teddy bears.

  • Luke Green

    So, the Dog was called Imaginary? Very clever, that’s very clever.

    • RallyLock

      My first thought was that they had gotten a custom-printed “Imaginary” tag for the dog after the kid told Dad what had happened at school. A lot of animal shelters and vet offices are starting to get tag printers/engraving machines so they can make tags right away for new adoptions or for people who want that sort of novelty item.

  • Ben Willems

    Someone is headed for a career as a lawyer

  • Kitty

    Hehe, good one, kid.

  • TSC

    I’ve been on the reverse side of this… in kindergarten, I had a stuffed toy dog, who I apparently talked about enough to make my teacher believe I had a real dog.

  • termt

    I feel like the dad came up with it… it just strikes me as a dad joke.

  • PsychoFox

    Still isn’t an imaginary dog, it is Imaginary the dog. Still wrong to say “I have an imaginary dog”. I know a few ladies named Chastity, and well….

    • Harold Wagner

      Do they have belts?

    • Vicemage

      Read the story again. He didn’t say “I have an imaginary dog,” he said, when told dogs weren’t allowed, “What about Imaginary?”