It’s Not That Easy Being Not That Green

| Romantic | October 13, 2014

(My boyfriend of nearly two years is not afraid of speaking his mind to me. This exchange happened right before going out for an afternoon.)

Me: “What do you think of my outfit?”

(I am wearing an aqua shirt and pale aqua shorts with dark blue accessories.)

Boyfriend: “You look like a cucumber!”

Me: “What?! A cucumber? That isn’t very correct, let alone flattering.”

Boyfriend: “I’m just teasing; you look like a very pretty lady cucumber.”

Me: “Why a cucumber? I’m not even wearing green!”

Boyfriend: “Sure you are! Green shirt, green shorts, cucumber!”

Me: “This is aqua, possibly turquoise. NOT green. Maybe you need your eyes checked.”

Boyfriend: “Nah, my eyes are fine, I know you are the most beautiful lady cucumber around and I am a really lucky man to have you!”

Me: “You are lucky I’m a tolerant lady cucumber, you goof.”

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