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It’s Not Sexist If It Results In Cookies!

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My boyfriend and I are both avid nerds — we met at a convention — and one of our favorite things to do together is cosplay, with him doing most of the prop-building and me doing most of the sewing.

As such, I’m delighted one year when he gets me a heavy-duty industrial steam iron for Christmas, as well as a gift card for my favorite fabric shop. When I’m talking about this at the family Christmas party, my sister is considerably less impressed.

Sister: “He got you an iron? How sexist can you get?”

Me: “Yeah, a really nice one that I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself, so we can get a cleaner finish on costume pieces. It’s a useful tool for a hobby I enjoy; what’s wrong with that?”

Sister: “It’s degrading! He expects you to iron his shirts for him?!”

Me: “Nah, I’ll be ironing cloaks and surcoats and costume pieces.”

Sister: “Same difference!”

Me: “Didn’t [Her Husband] get you a set of those Silpat baking mats for Christmas?”

Sister: “Yeah, I’m so excited to try baking with them! Why, what’s your point?”

Me: *Pause* “Nothing. Nothing at all.”

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