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It’s Not Like They Had Snow Way Of Knowing

, , , | Right | December 20, 2018

(I work at a hotel located on the southwest coast of Norway. I can tell you that it hardly snows here, even in wintertime. It is the busiest time, July, when a family is ready to check in.)

Me: “Hi. Welcome to [Hotel]. Are you ready to check in?”

Guest: *angry* “Where is the snow?!”

Me: *slightly confused since it’s summertime and the sun is out* “I’m sorry?”

Guest: *getting frustrated that I don’t understand* “Where are the snow and the polar bears?!”

Me: “I’m sorry to tell you this, sir, but it’s summertime. We hardly get snow here at all. It only rains here, even in wintertime.”

Guest: *starts to raise his voice in the lobby* “That is not true! I’ve seen this in movies! It’s always snowing in Norway, and polar bears walk in the streets!”

Me: “Sir, with all due respect, there is no snow here. I have never seen a polar bear in my life.”

(He gets slightly angry, but checks in, anyway. After a while he comes back down.)

Guest: “Where can I walk on the ice?”

Me: *thought we had been over this already* “What do you mean, sir?”

Guest: “Where can I walk on the ice?” *shows me a picture of a glacier that is located six hours from our current location*

Me: *tries to lighten up the mood with a joke* “Well, if you start to walk now, it might take you two weeks until you reach it.”

Guest: *does not get my joke and is not happy that it is not within walking distance* “I will find a hotel that will help me!”

(He stormed off. The last I heard of him was from another hotel that called me to ask if this crazy guest was mine. He had been to several other hotels and almost demanded that the ice would come closer to him.)

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