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It’s Not Just The French Sticks That Are Sliding

, , , , , | Working | November 16, 2020

It’s the first time since lockdown started that we’ve been able to get a delivery slot for our groceries. We know when the delivery is going to happen, and from my working-at-home office, I’m able to see and hear the arrival of the delivery van.

I’m waiting near the front door for him to come, and I can see him as he trundles his trolley with the crates on it up the path. As he does so, I see a French stick go sliding out of its wrapper to land on the ground. The delivery person picks it up, stuffs it back into the wrapper, and then turns up at the front door as if nothing happened.

Me: “We won’t be accepting the French stick, thanks. I saw what happened.”

Delivery Person: “Oh, yeah, heh. I suppose not. Fair enough.”

He scans the French stick to remove it from the receipt.

Me: “Mind, it’s good to see that everything’s in bags again.”

For several months before lockdown, due to environmental concerns, the groceries were delivered loose in the crates, not conveniently bagged up into grocery bags, making the task of carting everything from front door to pantry irritating and onerous. And now here they are again, all neatly bagged up for us.

Delivery Person: “Oh, yeah, hadn’t you noticed? We went back to using bags ages ago. Have you not had a delivery from us for that long?”

Me: “Well, no, since lockdown started it’s been impossible to get a slot because everyone’s been booking slots, and we understand that some people have been booking extra slots for some reason, just in case, so we haven’t actually had a home delivery since March. We’ve had to go out and physically do the shopping the old fashioned way.”

It’s now the end of July.

Delivery Person: “But you’re regulars, aren’t you? We’ve been delivering here for years. Why didn’t you just ring us up and ask for your regular Thursday afternoon delivery slot?”

Me: “We weren’t told that was an option. We shop online, and if there are no slots available we can’t place the order.”

Delivery Person: “But you should have rung us, like it said on the email we sent out.”

Me: “We got no email. Never had any such email or text.”

Delivery Person: “Oh, well, you know now. You’ll be able to ring us up next time and book a slot.”

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