It’s Not Just His Map That’s Upside Down

, , , , , | Right | April 29, 2020

I work in a call center for a company that mostly sells vitamins and supplements among other things. On a very slow day, I receive this call. 

Caller: *Loudly* “Where are you guys located?”

Me: “In North Dakota, sir.”

Caller: “Where the h*** is that? Never heard of no North Dakoteeeee.”

Me: “It’s south of Canada, between Montana and Minnesota.”

Caller: “Oh, you’re in Mexico, then? I don’t want no non-white people talking to me.”

Me: “Uh, no, sir. Wrong border. We’re in the northern plain states of the United States. Mexico is south of the United States. Canada is north.”

Caller: “Bull. This is not what this map says. It says Mexico is north and Canadeeeee is south.”

Me: “I apologize, sir, but it’s just the opposite. Could your map possibly be upside down?”

Caller: “I know what I’m talking about. F*** you… you [slur] moron! I’m never calling Mexico again. Bye, b****!”

After he hung up, I went on break. I couldn’t stop laughing and shaking my head.

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