“It’s Not Fair” Is Fair Game To These Mothers

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(I am browsing with my baby in a children’s consignment store that will buy your old children’s items and sell them there. You sign in at the consignment desk, leave your items, and then the staff will call you with an offer once they get a chance to evaluate them. It is written in bold letters on the sheet that items cannot be left overnight or they will be donated, because the store is absolutely packed already. There is a woman standing at the consignment desk starting to raise her voice at the cashier, so I overhear her.)

Woman: “But it is not fair!”

Cashier: “That is our policy, ma’am. When you signed the sheet here, you agreed to the terms.”

Woman: “But it is not fair! Get me a manager!” 

(The cashier brings the manager.)

Manager: “How can I help you?”

Woman: “I brought big bags to you, lots of good, and they are gone!”

Manager: “Yes, because you left them overnight, so they were donated.”

Customer: “I never agreed to that!”

Manager: “Yes, when you signed here, you agreed to pick up your items that we didn’t accept, or they would be donated.”

Customer: “I did not read that! That is not fair!”

Manager: *slightly annoyed* “Do you always just sign things, or read them?”

Customer: “No! Where are my things? Where do they go?”

Manager: “A lady picks them up to give to a nonprofit–“

Customer: “Then do I get a receipt? Like… like when you give a car, or something? Why were they donated? I should get money; I brought them to sell!”

Manager: *pulls up the customer’s record* “We couldn’t take your items because we had too many. We tried to contact you yesterday to tell you. When you didn’t get back to us, your things were donated this morning.”

Customer: “But… it is not FAIR!”

(Unfortunately, my son decided he’d had enough at that moment so I didn’t get to stick around to see how it ended. I can’t imagine she got anything, though, except a lesson in reading before you sign. The staff are mostly veteran moms used to dealing with tantrums.)

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