It’s Not Even Your Birthday MONTH!

, , , | Right | November 11, 2020

Our store runs a promotion where you can get a free sub on your birthday. As a means to promote their rewards app, you get this as an automatic reward that can be redeemed any time within the week after your birthday; otherwise, you can still get the free sub the day of, provided you have your ID. Today is July 31st, and a customer comes in wanting to use the promotion.

Customer: “Yes, I wanted to go ahead and redeem my free birthday sub! I just have to enter my phone number, right?”

Me: “Is your birthday today, or were you doing it through the app?”

Customer: “Does it have to be today?”

Me: “Well, if it’s today, we can just put the discount through with your ID, but otherwise, we can use the app, and it can be any day the week of your birthday.”

Customer: “Oh, I thought it was within two weeks.”

Me: “We can still check if it’s on your app, then?”

We go through her app. If there are any rewards she could redeem, none show up. Although I’m not supposed to, sometimes I’ll give a customer the benefit of the doubt and let them redeem via ID as long as it’s within the time frame the app would have allowed.

Me: “Okay, looks like you don’t have the reward on here. When was your birthday, again?”

Customer: “The 19th.”

Me: “Oh, so that would have been twelve days ago…”

Customer: “No, August 19th.”

Me: “…”

Customer: “So… can I get my free birthday sub?”

Me: “You can come back the week of your birthday for it. Did you want to order anything in the meantime?”

Customer: “No. I just wanted a free sub.” *Walks off*

The cherry on all this? Two of my coworkers were having a completely separate conversation, and just as the customer began to walk away, one coworker said to the other, in the most unsympathetic tone he could muster, “Oh, that’s too bad.” This is basically a catchphrase for him that I know wasn’t directed at the customer, and thankfully, she was too wrapped up in wondering why she couldn’t get her birthday sub twenty days early to hear him, but the timing was just too perfect.

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