It’s No Trouble

| Learning | February 24, 2014

(I’m well-known for being good friends with all of the teachers. As a result, I’m never punished for missing homework or showing up late. I’m sat with one of my friends in our English lesson with one of the more offensive bullies beside me.)

Me: *quietly, to my friend* “I’m serious, [Friend]. I’m never in trouble for anything. It’s so weird.”

Friend: “I bet you could punch a kid and get away with it. That’s how much the teachers like you.”

(At this point, the bully beside me begins to make sexist comments while jabbing me in the side with his pencil. I turn to him.)

Me: “Get your bloody pencil off me!”

Bully: “You gonna make me, b****?”

(This continues. Finally getting sick of him I whack him over the head with my ruler, sending the nearby boys into uproar. I look up and see the teacher turning away hurriedly.)

Bully: *to the teacher* “Miss! Miss! [My Name] just hit me with her ruler!”

(The teacher looks at me, then to the bully.)

Teacher: “Don’t be stupid. [My Name] would never do that.”

Bully: “But she did, Miss! Didn’t you see her?!”

Teacher: “I have had enough of your attitude. Move seats and leave poor [My Name] alone.”

(The bully slinks away to another seat, and my friend whispers to me.)

Friend: “I know I said you’d get away with that, but I didn’t actually mean it!”

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