It’s No Sweat Because There’s No Service

| Elmira, NY, USA | Working | April 9, 2013

Me:  “Hi! I’m calling you today because the repair tech you sent to my house needs parts to fix my treadmill, but you won’t release them.”

Warranty Guy:  “Your ‘no sweat’ warranty covers labor and parts, but the parts are actually still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.”

Me:  “So, the parts are covered?”

Warranty Guy:  “Yes.”

Me:  “Great! Then why won’t you release them?”

Warranty Guy:  “It’s not us that won’t release them. It’s the manufacturer.”

Me:  “…But you said that they are still covered.”

Warranty Guy: “Right, but in case it runs out, your ‘no sweat’ plan will still cover them for two more years!”

Me:  “Right… but why won’t the manufacturer release them?”

Warranty Guy:  “According to our records, the treadmill manufacturer needs your proof of purchase.”

Me:  “I sent that to you guys with my claim, as I bought it through you.”

Warranty Guy:  “Yup. We have it here. You bought it on 11/4/11, and I see that the treadmill manufacturer needs it to release the parts.”

Me:  “Um… do you think you could send that proof of purchase to them?”

Warranty Guy: “I can’t send it to them, but if you call your repair tech, he can call them and tell them to call us and we will authorize the release of parts.”

Me:  “…Wait. I thought it was the manufacturer that needed to authorize the release.  But you’re saying that you need to authorize the release of parts?”

Warranty Guy:  “Well, the manufacturer has to authorize the release of parts to the repair tech, but they need to call us so that we can authorize it.”

Me:  “I’m confused. So the manufacturer can’t release the parts until you authorize it?”

Warranty Guy: “Right.”

Me: “So, could you call them to authorize it?”

Warranty Guy:  “No, you need to call your repair tech. Your repair tech has to call them, and to tell them to call us.”

Me: “What part about this process is ‘no sweat’?!”

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