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It’s No Joke(r)

| Learning | November 23, 2014

(We are in Spanish class, discussing what it means to be a hero. The instructor calls on me.)

Instructor: “[My Name], what do you think a hero is?”

Me: “Someone’s who’s courageous, relatively selfless, cares for others, tries to do the right thing, and can’t stand injustice.”

Instructor: “Very good, [My Name]. Anything else?”

Me: *jokingly* “Superman!”

(A rude, sanctimonious middle-aged student who enjoys picking on others raises her hand.)

Instructor: “Yes, [Student]?”

Student: “I think she’s dead wrong. In my opinion, characters like Superman and Batman aren’t heroes. They have superpowers, and heroes can only be average people. Superman and Batman aren’t heroes. Like I said, they have superpowers – so they’re anti-heroes!”

(The class is silent; dumbfounded at the student’s senseless outburst at what was clearly a joke.)

Professor: “Now [Student], we respect all points of view here, but if you had ever opened a comic book, you would know that Batman doesn’t have superpowers!”

(The whole class cracked up as the rude student sank down in her seat, blushing. That was the last time she tried to make someone else look stupid!)

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