It’s Never Too Late To Learn Manners

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I take my elderly mother shopping at a bulk grocery store. We each take a cart, as we each shop for our own homes. At one point, we stop in front of an end cap while my mom goes to the restroom. I stand between the carts and start looking over my shopping list. A woman passes me without saying anything. She circles around and comes back, stopping on the other side of the aisle.

Woman: *Annoyed* “AHEM!”

Me: “I’m done shopping if—” *looks up* “Oh, sorry. I thought—”

Woman: “You’re in my way.”

She points at the display behind me. I give a fake laugh.

Me: “You meant, ‘Excuse me,’ right?”

Woman: “What?”

Me: “You meant to say, ‘Excuse me,’ right?”

We stare at each other, but she looks away first.

Woman: *Blushes* “Excuse me, please.”

Me: *Cheery* “Of course!”

I moved both carts out of the way, and the woman took what she was looking for and hurried away. My mother came out of the restroom and we went on shopping without further incident.

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