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It’s Like They Want You To Steal!

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A couple of years ago, my husband went to a certain supermarket after work to get some groceries and wine. We usually bought about two cases of six bottles at the time as they were cheaper there and we didn’t go there every week.

When he got to the register to pay, he put one bottle on the belt and the rest stayed in the cart because the cashiers like it that way, as long as you tell them how much you’re buying. So, my husband told the cashier he had twelve bottles and paid the total. As he was tired and in a hurry to get home and relax, he didn’t pay much attention to the total.

When my husband got home, however, something felt off, and he checked his receipt. It turned out that he had only paid for one bottle. That didn’t sit well with us, so we called the corporate office of the store and asked what the best course of action would be.

Corporate: *Laughing* “You got lucky! Don’t worry about it.”

Nope, not happening. If it had been one unpaid bottle, maybe, but eleven?

So, we went back to the supermarket the next day and told the store manager about the mistake.

Manager: *Astonished* “I can’t believe you came back! Well, you got away with it, and we can leave it at that. But if you insist, you can pay the balance.”

We were completely flabbergasted at this, and we insisted on paying anyway because we wouldn’t have felt right about it.

After all these years, I still cannot understand their reaction. They didn’t even thank us for being honest and wanting to pay what we owed. They acted as if we were idiots to do that.

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