It’s How Coworkers Say Yello

, | Working | July 4, 2013

(We have a very high turn-over rate with young new employees. I come in one morning right at opening to pick up food to-go, but the new employee can’t seem to ring in my order right.)

New Employee: “So, it’s a number 6.”

Me: “Number 10.”

New Employee: “Right, number 2.”

Me: “Number 10.”

New Employee: “Oh! Number 10… with a side of sausage.”

Me: “Side of gravy.”

New Employee: “A side of sausage and a side of gravy.”

Me: “That’s not right. Let’s start over.”

(After another few painstaking minutes it’s still not rung in right and I am out of patience.)


(In seconds, the manager comes running up front, gasping for breath.)

Manager: “What is it? What happened?”

Me: “Please… please help the new kid ring in my order so I can eat and go to school!”

(The manager rings in the order, gives me a discount and brings out my food while the new employee stands their gawking.)

New Employee: “You… how did you know who the manager was this morning?”

Manager: “Oh, she works here too. She has opened with me every Monday morning for the past year!”

Me: “I also know he likes to listen to his iPod while he counts drawers, so the only way to get his attention is to shriek like a banshee.”

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