It’s Haircut-And-Dry Anger Issues

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(I walk into a salon to get my hair cut and am greeted by an enraged, middle-aged man furiously shouting at the woman who cut his hair.)

Customer: “I want my money back! I paid you for a service and you did a s***ty job!”

Stylist: “I’m sorry, sir, but it is not company policy to pay you back with cash. You’ll have to call corporate and they can help you get your money back.”

(The customer is enraged by this statement and begins clenching his fists and shaking all over.)


(The man tries reaching over the counter to grab the woman. He gets part of her shirt but she evades him and grabs the phone to call the police. As the woman walks towards the back on the phone with the police, while being barraged with cuss words from behind her, a young girl — probably 14 to 16 years old — speaks out.)

Young Girl: “You’re so immature! Get over yourself.”

Customer: “What did you say to me, you little b****?”

(He begins to approach the young girl. I should mention that I am the only other male in the shop. It looks like this 40- to 50-year-old man is about to get physical with a little girl, so I decide it is time for me to interject. I get up and stand toe-to-toe with the man.)

Me: “I have to ask you: do you have kids?”

Customer: *trembling with rage* “Yes, I do. Why?”

Me: “Because if you were my dad, and I saw you walk in here and disrespect all these women like this and try to get physical with them, I would be beyond disappointed.”

Customer: *with his fists clenched and a violent look on his face* “…”

Me: “You’ve clearly had a terrible day. I can tell because no one gets this upset about a haircut. I mean, look at you. You’re shaking with adrenaline and it looks like you were about to hit a young girl.”

Customer: “I… I’m just worked up.”

Me: “How about this? Just think about your kids, man. How upset will they be to hear that their dad had to spend the night in jail because he got upset over a haircut? I know you don’t want that image of you in your wife and kid’s minds.”

(His fists unclench, but he’s still shaking. He raises his hand up to me — I get ready to block a punch — and puts it on my shoulder.)

Customer: “You’re a good kid.”

(He began to walk out the door but was greeted by two local police officers who put him in handcuffs. I then had the most interesting haircut of my life, which consisted of a grateful, teary-eyed woman cutting my hair and a police officer asking me questions.)

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