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It’s Going To Be A Long Year…

, , | Right | January 1, 2019

(It’s New Year’s Day, so everything left with Christmas marketing is reduced to clear. Also because it’s a holiday, working is optional. It’s also a Monday, which is when most of our deals change, so we’ve been having trouble with wrong-price tickets. I’m fixing things for customers, being apologetic and patient.)

Customer: “I’ve just bought some of the half-price party foods, and this hadn’t been charged properly.”

(She gives me her receipt and one box of party food.)

Me: “I’m sorry, we have been having issues with the reduced things today; let me sort that for you.”

Customer: “It’s not just that; I bought a few, and none of them have been charged properly.”

(I check the receipt to see the party foods, all except one, look like they have actually been charged at half price. The woman starts piling the boxes, which total around five. I call my supervisor, who tells me she’ll be right over to help since I’m working alone and can’t move from my place.)

Customer: “None of them have been charged correctly. They’re all supposed to be half price.”

Me: “I don’t actually know what price they’re supposed to be, so I’ll have someone check.”

Customer: “Never mind. I don’t have time for this. Just refund them all. I don’t want them.”

(I start scanning them and I can tell for sure that they’ve all been reduced, because the till tells me the start price, and her receipt shows she only paid half.)

Me: “This is half price; the only one you haven’t been charged correctly for is the one you gave me in the first place.”

Customer: *seems increasingly annoyed at me* “I don’t have time for this; just refund them all. I haven’t been charged correctly.”

(I then had to refund the rest, which took far more time than refunding the price difference in the one thing that was actually wrong. I don’t understand why she was so annoyed over one issue so much that she decided to create fake problems. And yes, the price difference was very obvious between the one that hadn’t been reduced and the rest.)

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