It’s Going To Be A Long Morning, Evening, Whatever

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(I work at a local insurance company, at the call center that provides transportation for people on medicaid and medicare — people who have insurance through the state due to low income, disability, or old age. Transportation is strictly for medical appointments so that people can utilize their insurance while also staying healthy and bringing our costs down by avoiding ambulance and ER visits. This is a story my coworker told me about.)

Coworker: “Hello! Thank you for calling [Company]. My name is [Coworker]; how can I help you?”

Member: “Where is my cab?! I had a ride today!”

(My coworker checks her account and sees she has a ride for 10:00 pm tonight. Notes from previous rep say, “Member insists it’s an 11 pm appointment.”)

Coworker: “Okay, ma’am, it’s a 10:00 pm pickup tonight.”

Member: “Nooooo! My appointment is at 11:45 pm this morning! I don’t need no f****** 10:00 pm pickup. WHERE IS MY CAB?!”

Coworker: “It is scheduled to come tonight. When is your appointment today?”

Member: “11:00 pm.”

Coworker: “So, tonight.”

Member: “No, you’re f****** r*****ed! 11:00 pm this morning!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, I keep hearing pm. Do you mean am?”

Member: “It’s this morning. I called yesterday.”

Coworker: “I understand that, ma’am. The issue is that you keep saying pm when I think you mean am, and I have notes here saying you did this yesterday.”

Member: “It’s one one zero f****** zero pm.”

Coworker: “So, just so I’m clear, you’re saying pm, as in this evening, as in afternoon.”

Member: “No! My surgery is before lunch!”

Coworker: “So, if I get you a pickup in the next 5 to 20 minutes, would that work?”

Member: “Yes, I want to be a couple minutes early.”

Coworker: “For your 11:45 am appointment, correct?”

Member: “I said pm, sir…”

Coworker: “So, no ride right now?”

Member: “Just send me that cab that y’all f***** up.”

(My coworker did end up setting up the cab ride, even though we have a policy against same-day-rides, as we call them. Also, before people start claiming senility or dementia, I would like to note the member was 47.)

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