It’s Getting Several Degrees Worse

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It’s one in the morning, so all food orders are cooked fresh when ordered; we’re not holding any items in advance. A pair of customers come back on foot through the drive-thru thirty minutes after their initial service time.

Me: “Sorry, gentlemen, I can’t sort anything out for you unless you’re in your car, I’m afraid.”

Customer #1: “OH, MY GOD! FINE!”

[Customer #2] returns in his car, speaking in a slight Russian accent.

Customer #2: “Hi! I bought this food and I’m afraid it’s cold!”

Me: “Oh, I’m ever so sorry about that! I’m afraid there’s not really a lot I can do for you. The system shows that you placed your order over half an hour ago, and everything we’re serving now is cooked fresh, so there’s no guarantee that it would be any hotter than it was before. But, what I can do for you toni—”

[Customer #1] starts shouting from the other side of the drive-thru fence.

Customer #1: “THIS IS F****** RIDICULOUS! What’s your name?! WHAT’S YOUR F****** NAME, B****?!”

Me: “Sir, there’s no need to shout. My name is [My Name].”

Customer #1: “I’m going to come in tomorrow and raise bloody h*** about this, you stuck up b****!”

Me: “Sir, if you continue to act in such a way, then I will ask you to leave. There is no need to be so aggressive. As I was explaining to this gentleman, I’m afraid there’s not a lot we can do about your problem, as even if we replace your order and cook it fresh, all of our orders are cooked fresh at the moment so there’s a chance that it may not reach a satisfactory temperature.”

Customer #1: “We drove two feet and it was cold!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I cannot confirm that, as you brought the order back on foot over twenty minutes later. It is raining and freezing tonight, so I have no way of knowing whether or not the food was in fact cold before it was returned. However, tonight, I wi—”

Customer #1: “Why won’t you replace our f****** order?!”

Me: “Because not once have you asked me to, sir. You have stated the problem and I have explained what the issue may have been, but before I can continue with how I may help you solve the problem, yo—”

Customer #1: “I don’t know what your f****** problem is! Is it because he isn’t English?!”

Me: “What on Earth?! Of course not! I am not treating this gentleman any differently to how I am treating you! I have told you the exact same thing and been as polite and calm as I can, despite the fact that you are being extremely rude to me! I do not appreciate being called a racist just because you will not stay calm enough to let me help you deal with the issue here.”

Customer #1: “Where do you get off? You’re part-time, aren’t you? Going through college, trying to be smart, huh? Think we’re dumb, huh?”

Me: “I do, in fact, have a degree, sir, and that does not make me any smarter than you. Now, if you’d just dri—”

Customer #1: “I’ve got a degree, too, b****! I’ve worked with the police!”

The customer proceeds to throw the bag of food in my face and threaten me with various legislation, just as my manager says into my ear to send him to her at the second drive-thru window.

I turn to [Customer #2], who has sat quietly during the whole exchange.

Me: “Once again, sir, I’m ever so sorry about this. If you drive to the second window, we will help you there.”

Customer #1: “About time, b****! I hope you f****** learned your lesson tonight!”

Me: *With a smile* “Oh, I learned something all right, sir. I learned that apparently quoting a section of legislation regarding data protection in a situation where it is not at all relevant is meant to scare people into submitting to your rude behaviour. It’s a shame that I’ve got a degree in applied criminology and know that you have no idea what you’re talking about, huh?”

With that, the man turns pale and runs away from the drive-thru, leaving his friend in his car.

Coworker: “Jeez, that was intense!”

Me: “It just pains me that that was the first customer I’ve had to deal with since starting tonight. If this is the start of my shift, what’s the rest going to be like?!”

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