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It’s Getting Hot In Here And It’s Not The Worn Out Dehumidifier

, , | Right | August 29, 2021

Our store has a gracious three months return policy, so it’s not too hard to return anything that doesn’t work out for you. A lady comes in.

Customer: “I’m returning this dehumidifier.”

She had bought it back in November, at the start of when you need such an item around this area.

Me: “You’ve had this for three months, did you use this, ma’am?”

Customer: “I didn’t use it. Just give me my money back.”

I go around the counter and I check out the box, but there are few things wrong with it. Now if you’ve worked retail before you know when boxes of product are sent the tape that is used is flimsy, mildly useful at best. This lady made the mistake of using tape that was much much stronger and sturdier than what you get with items shipped to the store.

I take some scissors to open the box because already I’m curious as to why you have that item just laying around your house in a big box for three months.

Customer: “Oh no, you don’t need to, you don’t need to, it’s fine, it’s fine!”

Upon opening the box, the machine that should have been white was nothing but black across the whole entire front. I get my manager over and the customer tries to keep the box shut from him seeing it. My manager made her move and opened it anyway because he wasn’t about to tell me to do it when I had explained what I saw.

Customer: “I’m quite angry at you for not accepting my return!”

Manager: “We’re angry back at you for trying to dupe us and take a back and item that’s clearly gross.”

We made her take it back and we kept the receipt so she couldn’t try to return it anywhere else.

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