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It’s Getting Harder To Get Into The Stores Every Black Friday

, , , , | Working | January 25, 2020

(In France, even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we have had Black Friday for a few years. My sister sees that a new coffee maker is on promotion and goes with a friend to buy it because the old one no longer works. She meets anti-Black-Friday demonstrators at the entrance.)

Demonstrator #1: “Don’t go in there!”

Sister: “I need a coffee maker!”

Demonstrator #2: “You are contributing to consumer society!”

Sister: “No, but I need my coffee in the morning!”

(She tries to get into the appliance store but three demonstrators block her.)

Demonstrator #3: “But you can see the conditions of the cashiers in the store! It’s low-wage work!”

Sister: “I know. I’m a cashier, too. We also have Black Friday and yes, it’s a low-wage job; that’s why I buy my household appliances when they’re on sale!”

(The demonstrators finally let him in. Being against consumer society is your right, and wanting to defend the low-wage worker is also good, but do not prevent the low-wage worker from buying when they can buy cheaper!)

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