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It’s Free Real Estate

, , , , | Friendly | August 17, 2020

I’ve just moved into an apartment building, and nobody told me that it comes with a storage unit. I only notice when I go to do my laundry. I’m single and living alone and don’t have a lot of stuff. Nevertheless, I put a lock on my unit. The units are see-through so you can tell that there’s nothing in mine.

Soon, my upstairs neighbor stops me and asks bluntly if he can use my unit. I immediately say no; what if he puts something illegal there and I get blamed? I don’t even know him! He asks again and I say no again and practically run away.

Soon after, I notice that my lock has been cut with something and my unit is full of paints! I’m furious. I cut the new lock off, fill my unit up, and lock it again. This seems to please the neighbor.

But really, who sees someone’s empty unit and thinks, “Hmm, I’ll steal it!”? A child in man skin.

I report him to the manager, but then, another upstairs neighbor tries to steal my empty parking space. They really need to screen better.

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