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It’s For A Really Long Game Of Musical Chairs

, , | Right | June 23, 2008

Man: “Hey! You guys are giving away 100 free tickets to the Friday show, right?”

Me: “Yep! We have 24 left, and each customer can take up to four. How many do you need?”

Man: “Awesome! Can I have the rest?”

Me: “Sorry, sir. The limit is four per customer.”

Man: “But they’re free… What do you care?”

Me: “I care that the line of people behind you get some as well. Would you like four tickets?”

Man: “Give me the rest! You don’t understand; I NEED them!”

Me: “Sir, the limit is four. I’m sorry.”

Man: “I want the rest! You have to give them to me! I’m a paying customer and I deserve it!”

Me: “The tickets are free, sir… and you can have four of them. Would you like four FREE tickets?”

Man: “I need the rest of them! Everyone in my party needs to have one!”

Me: “Well, I can offer you four tickets for free and a discount if you wish to buy more. How many people are in your party?”

Man: “It’s just me and my wife.”

Me: “…”

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