It’s Finally Sinking In For This Shortsighted Bosses

, | WI, USA | Working | February 19, 2013

(At the restaurant where I work, the sink for dishes is very high. Me and two other coworkers are short and therefore have a difficult time seeing into it.)

Me: “We should invest in a small step stool, since me and [other two coworkers] are relatively short.”

Manager: “I’m not sure. You and [other two coworkers] do just fine without it, though.”

Me: “Even though we end up leaving sever serving utensils at the bottom because we can’t reach them?”

Manager: “Those are normally for the lunch hours, and the morning washer gets them cleaned up. I think we’re fine.”

(Suddenly, we hear a crash and a loud splash coming from the back. The manager and I look too see that one of the other shorter coworkers is coming up dripping wet.)

Manager: “What happened?!”

Coworker: “I tried to see if the return bin was empty or not… apparently, it’s soaking.”

Manager: “How did you get all wet though?”

Coworker: “Since I can’t see in it when it’s on top of the sink, I have to reach and pull down on the corner to tip it to me.”

Me: “…and if we had a step stool, she wouldn’t need to do that.”

Manager: “Alright you win. [Coworker] you can change and head home…”

(Thankfully, a few weeks later, we finally got the step stool!)

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