It’s Enough To Give You A Tick

| Columbus, OH, USA | Right | April 20, 2011

(A customer walks in with several trash bags full of clothes to be cleaned.)

Me: “Okay, sir. I’ll need to sort and count all these items before I can give you a price. Would you mind opening that bag while I work on this one?”

Customer: “Why would I do your job?”

Me: “Of course, sir.”

(The customer watches silently as I sort, count, and fold over forty items, including clothing, bedding, and towels. Essentially, I am touching his clothes with my bare hands for over twenty minutes.)

Me: “Okay sir, your total comes to [price]. We’ll have them cleaned for you tomorrow after four.”

Customer: “You can’t clean them sooner?”

Me: “Is there a specific reason you need them sooner?”

Customer: “Yeah, my kids have head lice. That’s all their contaminated stuff. They won’t have anything to sleep on tonight.”

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  • Aaron

    There’s stupidity, and There’s endangering others. This guy managed to combine them…

    • Fluffy the Clown

      Head lice doesn’t live outside of hair very long, I’m sure OP is fine

  • Kae Kelley-Ottobre

    We had a guy bring in an armload of dirty, mildewed, dry-rotted garments to be cleaned. As he set them down, I noticed… movement. They were FULL of bed bugs. We gave him a garbage bag to put his clothes in and told him we could not clean them, for fear of an infestation to other customers clothes (not to mention ourselves.) He was not happy. We had to stop everthing after we left to clean up bed bug larvae off of the counter, and we cleaned up the entire front area and inspect ourselves to be certain there was no critter left behind. Sorry, consumers, we really aren’t keen on your bugs, especially when you can’t be bothered to contain them in some sort of impervious bag…