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It’s Easy To Get Tangled Up In The Brambles Of A Pun War!

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There’s a music and DVD store I frequent where I have some great chats with members of staff about upcoming movies and so on. I’ve been asking [Employee #1] and [Employee #2] about the “Watchmen” TV series, and the conversation had moved on to “Swamp Thing,” a plant-like creature in the DC Universe.

Me: “I remember listening to an interview with Alan Moore about how he was given that writing job.”

Employee #1: “So, you’re going to take us back to Swamp Thing’s roots?”

Me: “Oh, very good!”

[Employee #2] put his head in his hands, slumped over the till, and muttered, “Oh, God.”  He lifted his head toward me.

Employee #2: “Please don’t get him started. He’ll never stop.”

Employee #1: “I suppose I should leaf it?”

Me: “Should I apologise for planting the seed of these puns?”

Employee #1: “He finds them a blooming nuisance.”

Employee #2: “Ugh! Stop it!”

Me: “Hey, I like a good bit of pun tennis.”

[Employee #2] nodded toward [Employee #1].

Employee #2: “So does he.”

Employee #1: “The other day it was literal pun tennis. I was texting him non-stop tennis puns. I just served him one after the other.”

Me: “There was no letup?”

Employee #1: “Ace! He didn’t love any of the set and didn’t want to join in the game.”

Employee #2: “No more!”

[Employee #1] then turned toward [Employee #2].

Employee #1: “Have you got one?”

When he didn’t reply, I said:

Me: “Maybe we should leave him a lawn?”

Employee #2: “I’m not joining in… Clay off!”

[Employee #1] and I gave him a little cheer!

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