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It’s Drive-Thru, Not Drive Past

, , , | Right | September 22, 2022

I work at a well-known fast food chain as an opening manager. This morning, I was in the order-taking and cashier role in the drive-thru. I was taking a person’s order at the speaker box. She was taking a bit longer to order than some, so the driver behind her pulled out of line. (I saw this on our CCTV.) I thought she was simply leaving, but instead, she pulled up to my window and demanded:

Customer: “Get me coffee!”

I could have helped her, and I would have if she’d asked politely, but instead:

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, but you need to get back in line.”

By this point, there were two more cars ahead of her. She actually did get back in line, and when she got to the speaker, she didn’t wait for me to greet her. She simply shouted her demand.

I went through my usual greeting spiel, as an attempt to “train” the customer, and she demanded her coffee. I gave her the total and went on to the next car. When she got to my window to pay, she didn’t want to wait as I took another driver’s order. She placed her money (thankfully, exact change) on the donation box outside the window and drove off.

Look, lady, I’m sorry you’re running late, but kindness still pays.

Question of the Week

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