It’s Definitely Decaf!

, , , , , , | Working | November 4, 2019

I order a coffee drink from a well-known coffee shop via their mobile app so I can pick it up on my way to work. I’m mildly lactose intolerant so I order all my drinks with coconut milk. When I arrive to collect my drink, I notice they put whipped cream on top. The whipped cream isn’t enough to bother me, but in my experience, they don’t usually put whip cream on dairy-free orders.

I flag down a barista to make sure my drink was made with coconut milk. He examines the drink, and says he believes he made it with regular milk and will remake it. At this point, I’m already running late for work, so when he hands me the remade drink, I grab it, thank him, and rush out the door without paying much attention to it.

When I finally get to work, I look at my drink and notice it’s a very light color. I take a sip and realize that they didn’t put any coffee in my coffee drink. It’s nothing but milk and syrup. Luckily, I am able to run to a different store on my lunch break and get it replaced, but how do you forget to put coffee in a coffee drink?

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