It’s Curtains For This Request

, , , | Right | January 18, 2018

(The store I work at sells ready-made curtains and also has an offsite custom-made section. It’s early Sunday afternoon, I’ve had a customer after a specific-sized ready-made curtain.)

Me: “I’m sorry. We don’t carry curtains in that length.”

Customer: “Do you make curtains?”

Me: “Yes, we have a custom-made section.”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll do that, then. I’ll be back to pick the curtain up this afternoon.”

Me: “Um, no. Custom-made takes at least two weeks.”

Customer: “Oh. So long?”

Me: “Yes, that’s at least how long it takes. You need to leave your name at the counter. They contact you to arrange a quote and then make the curtains.”

Customer: “I need them sooner than that.”

Me: “Sorry, that’s how long it takes.”

(He keeps hanging around, preventing me from working on the task I was doing.)

Me: “If you are really in a hurry, go to [Large Chain]; they have that size curtain already made.”

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