It’s Coffee O’Clock!

, | Right | October 21, 2019

(Our hotel has a complimentary breakfast, but on weekends it opens later than during the week to give people a chance to sleep in. I work the overnight shift, so I see all of the early risers. Without fail, every Saturday and Sunday morning around five or six am, I have this conversation at least twice.)

Guest: “Um, excuse me, ma’am. Where is the breakfast?”

Me: “It’s the weekend, so the breakfast won’t be open until 7:30…”

(A look of horror crosses the guest’s face.)

Me: “…but if it’s coffee you’re after, the kitchen staff turns the pots on early; there should be some over there by now!”

Guest: *completely relieved* “Oh, thank God!”

(Thankfully, they’re usually just happy to be able to get their caffeine. I have had some of the surlier ones yell at me for the lights being off!)

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