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It’s Christmastime According To Any Clock

, , , | Right | December 25, 2021

In my department store, we used to stock these really tacky-looking clocks for $20 each. It was in some really weird aesthetic that I had never heard of, but it was apparently really popular to a lot of people for a while. Eventually, they stopped manufacturing them, so they were moved into the sale bin for $10 a pop over the Christmas season.

That was perfect; they sold really fast and cleared up space.

Eventually, there was only one left. A woman came in and stood there for AGES holding it, tilting it this way and that, seemingly unable to make up her mind.

Me: “Ma’am, if you’re not sure, we can hold it for you for twenty-four hours. That way, it won’t be snatched up by someone else. These have been selling really quickly; we sold six this morning.”

Customer: *Huffing* “No, I don’t think you should bother.”

Then, she put it back on the clearance table and left. Most stores put their clearance farther back, but our management had our clearance at the very front of the shop so people would buy that stuff up. Sure enough, that last clock was grabbed just a few hours later.

The woman decided to return three days later, looking for the clock. When it was explained to her that it had been sold, she threw a really high-pitched tantrum. I finally got tired of her nonsense.

Me: *Sharply* “Ma’am!”

The woman jumps a bit and quiets down.

Me: *Firmly* “Ma’am, I offered to hold it for you for a day if you thought you wanted it. I also warned you that they sold quickly. It’s three days later, and at this point, there’s nothing left to do.”

Woman: “But I thought you were joking! Why would anybody buy an ugly clock like that?!”

Me: “I don’t joke about that kind of thing. I thought you wanted it and was trying my best to help you get it before someone else did. Since you would buy it, it shouldn’t be a shock to you that others might, as well.”

Woman: “Well, you should have put it on hold for me anyway!”

Me: “You specifically told me not to, and it only would have been on hold for a day. You waited way too long for it to stay on hold.”

Woman: *After spluttering wordlessly for a few seconds* “YOU HAVE RUINED MY CHRISTMAS!”

She stormed out. Oh, my goodness, I laughed so hard I got a stitch in my side!

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