It’s Bratty To Assume

, , , | Working | June 16, 2018

(I am in line at a grocery store when a two-year-old boy starts throwing a fit in the store. He’s laying on the ground, screaming and crying. His mother, who seems very young, rushes over and picks him up to try to calm him down. The cashier ringing me up shakes her head and clicks her tongue.)

Cashier: “This is why people shouldn’t have kids so young; there’s no way they could be good parents. The father probably left her, too. That’s why she’s alone. She should be ashamed.”

Me: “Actually, she is 28 years old and just picked her son up from daycare. Her son is so grumpy because he has a fever, and she’s only in here to buy medicine for him before taking him back home to sleep. Also, her husband was at work all day and just called out early to be home with his sick child and stressed wife.”

Cashier: “Oh, yeah? And how could you possibly know all that?”

Me: *holding up the medicine I’m purchasing* “Because that’s my cousin.”

(The cashier went wide-eyed, and avoided speaking to me for the rest of the transaction. I did file a complaint against her, but it didn’t lead to anything. She’s just very awkward whenever I come into the store, and avoids me at all costs.)

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