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It’s Becoming A Hot Topic

, , , , | Working | January 24, 2020

(I work evenings, especially Saturdays. 99% of the employees are 16 to 25 and the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. If your shift is long enough, employees are allowed to take dinner from the store up to about €8 worth. Many coworkers opt to get a pizza and bake those in our ovens. This is completely fine as long as we still have room to bake bread if we have to and so long as they clean up. It’s the cleaning up bit that quite a few have trouble with. They take their pizzas from the oven and drop the hot baking plates wherever on our tabletop. Quite often this is on top of plastic bags that melt and stick to the plate. It’s a waste of bags and product, and a horrible smell, if we don’t notice and use the plate to bake again. Also, we bakers have a system of putting hot plates in kind of half-enclosed trolleys to the side so anything laying on the tabletops should be warm at worst. One evening, I AGAIN remind a coworker as she is putting in her pizza to properly clean up her hot plate. As she comes back from the lunchroom, we have the following exchange:)

Me: “[Coworker], could you come over here, please?”

Coworker: “Sure, what’s up?”

Me: “Could you put your hand in the oven, please?”

Coworker: “What?”

Me: “Just for a second or two, place your hand in the oven; just lay it in there.”

Coworker: “Are you mad? No way!”

Me: “Then how about putting away your hot plates?”

(The penny dropped, and after that, she always put them in the right place. Word must have spread, as well, as the number of hot plates on the tabletops dropped significantly.)

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