It’s Become Her Number One Problem

| Working | July 15, 2013

(I’m standing in the back of a large gas station, reading a magazine. A small boy runs in and up to the cashier.)

Boy: “Ma’am, I need the bathroom key real bad!”

Cashier: “You ain’t gonna get it if ya don’t buy anything.”

Boy: “Ma’am! Please, I’m about to pee on myself; I really need to go!”

Cashier: “If ya ain’t buying, get lost!”

Boy: “I don’t have any money, and the other store told me to come over here!”

Cashier: “Well, that’s your problem isn’t it.”

(The boy can’t hold any longer, and pees himself. He starts to cry.)

Cashier: “You little brat! Why’d ya not tell me you had to go so bad!?”

(I’ve about had enough, so I step in.)

Me: “Lady, he told you he was about to pee. You told him it was his problem, but now it’s your problem, too. You were too selfish to even listen to him!”

Cashier: “It ain’t my problem; he’s the one that’s got no money!”

Me: “Yeah, and just because you’re to greedy, you now have p*** in the floor!”

(The cashier is about to burst from anger, but I reach around and take the key, and give it to the boy.)

Me: “Go wash up; I’ll take care of this lady.”

Boy: “Thank you.”

Cashier: “He can’t go without buying something!”

(I buy a towel in the back.)

Me: “He can go in now.”

(The boy rushes in the bathroom, and comes out dry and clean.)

Me: “Now where is your mom?”

Boy: “She’s sick at home, and our potty doesn’t work.”

Me: “Alright, head home and take care of your mommy.”

Boy: “Thanks lady!”

(He leaves quickly.)


(I throw the towel in her face and leave.)

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