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It’s Bear-ly A Choice

Romantic | August 17, 2016

(My husband is an avid mountaineer, but I generally prefer other activities to mountain hiking, so I don’t always join him on mountains. This summer, we planned an epic road-trip through the American Southwest, hitting several state highpoints, including King Peak, Utah.)

Husband: “So we’ll hike eight miles to the campsite, and I’ll settle us in. I’ll sleep a couple hours and start hiking. You can sleep in. I’ll leave the food in a bear bag a few hundred feet from the tent.”

Me: “Bears?”

Husband: ” Yeah. That’s why you put your tent away from water sources and you keep your food away.”

Me: “You’re going to leave me alone in the forest with bears?”

Husband: “I mean, yes. Or you can hike the mountain with me if you want. It’s only 12 miles. We’ll start at 3 am to keep your pace.”

(I still haven’t decided if I’ll go with the bears, or the 24-mile hike.)

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