It’s Back-Breaking Work To Be Identified

, , , | Right | March 29, 2021

I work in a bank. This week we are severely understaffed and I am working the drive-thru by myself. A middle-aged customer pulls up to my window with some cash in hand.

Customer: “Do I need my card with my account number to make a deposit?”

Me: “Nope! If you have your ID on you, I can look you up that way!”

Customer: *Exasperated* “Can’t I just tell you my name and have you put it in that way?”

We don’t like doing this. Many customers try to do this, and it poses a huge risk for money being deposited into the wrong account, especially if the name is common. An ID, account card, or debit card would help to verify the correct account.

Me: “We can do that, but I would need to ask you a lot of verification questions to make sure we have the right account.”

Customer: *Now upset* “But I have a bad back and my purse is on the floor! I can’t get it! And I’m just feeling lazy today!”

Okay, so she admits to making me work harder and take on greater risk because she feels lazy. But I am willing to work with her because we do try to be accommodating. Besides, at this point, for all I know, she could have a bad back. The last thing I want is to have someone strain an injury when we have other ways to accommodate them.

Me: “All right.”

I reach for a piece of paper to write down information.

Me: “What’s your name?”

I looked up and her arms were reaching for the floor of the car right next to her feet. Within seconds, she had both her ID and debit card placed in the teller box. I guess her back must not have been as bad as she claimed, or her laziness suddenly cured itself. The deposit, thankfully, happened without any further problems and I sent her on her way.

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