It’s Amazing They Even Made It To The Airport

, , | Right | January 6, 2019

(It is twenty years ago and a domestic flight, so passports aren’t needed, but you still need some sort of government-issued ID if you are old enough. I have to catch a flight home, and the employees checking boarding passes at the gate have called everyone up to board the plane. I have heard over the PA system regular announcements — every ten minutes — that you need to have your boarding pass and ID ready before getting on the plane. The boarding staff makes an announcement when they call everyone up that you need to have your pass and ID ready before getting on the plane, not to mention all the other gates that have made their announcements while I am waiting. Next to where the line is, there is a probably two-foot by four-foot, white sign with big, black, capital letters informing people that you need to have your ID and boarding pass ready. I’m a few back in the line and the first person walks up.)

Employee: “Boarding pass and ID?”

Passenger #1: *standing next to the sign* “Oh! I need ID and my pass?”

(He digs them out, hands them over, and moves on. The next person, having just watched this, responds to the request for the boarding pass and ID with:)

Passenger #2: “Oh! I needed my ID and a pass?”

(He digs them out, walks to the plane, and is followed by a woman, who is asked for her boarding pass and ID.)

Passenger #3: *surprised* “Oh! I needed to have a boarding pass and ID ready?”

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