It’s Always The One You Least Suspect

| | Right | September 6, 2008

(My job at the theme park is to explain the rules at certain rides.)

Mom: “Who told you couldn’t ride sweetie?”

Kid: *points at me*

Mom: “Why did you send my kid back down to me?!”

Me: “Sorry, he’s too short for this ride, but you guys are more than
welcome to play in the other areas.”

Mom: *points at another kid* “But he is WAY shorter than my son!”

Me: “No, sorry. I measure every child and he made the minimum height.”

Mom: “That’s ridiculous. Can’t my son go just once? He’s waited all day to play over here.”

Me: “No, sorry…”

Mom: “You’re just a prude.”

Me: “I probably get more than you do.”

Mom: *jaw drops*

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  • Trillium

    That was uncalled for and quite rude.
    She didn’t say one curse, you basically called her a slut.
    Not cool.

    • Rebekah

      No, OP basically said the mum wasn’t getting any because the mum had called her a prude for no reason.

      • Trillium

        Ah, misread a bit.
        Still kinda rude. Prude ain’t that of a bad word to warrant ANY sort of reaction, let alone impolite ones.

        • Rebekah

          She probably hit a nerve. Prude wasn’t really relevant to not letting her kid on anyway.

          • Rachel Schmachel

            She was saying that OP was too concerned with the rules.

          • Rebekah

            Yeah, you’re right, that’s one interpretation (clearly not the one OP chose). The mother should be glad she’s being prudential and not risking her child’s life.

  • steeledminer616

    Rude, yes.

    That said, I won’t say she entirely didn’t deserve it, just you could have been a bit more… tasteful in your comeback.