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It’s Always Nice To Have Options

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I live in Romania, and we have a lot of people from different countries working here — people from all over the world really, like Vietnam, Africa, etc.

I am serving some Nigerian customers who want to buy a pair of earphones. I am checking them for him to make sure they work. Up comes a local customer with a toaster in hand, and he can clearly see I am talking to another customer, but he interrupts anyway.

Customer: “Can you cash me out?”

Me: “Yes, I can, just after I finish with the customer in front of me.”

Customer: “Well, I think I should have priority in my own country.”

I just look at him and say:

Me: “No.”

Customer: *Angrily* “I want to speak to your superior!”

My superior comes by, and the customer starts b****ing about how I’m not doing my job properly.

Manager: “Why?”

Customer: “She prioritized a Black guy over me! She should be ashamed because she’s making me wait!”

Manager: “You’re right; she should have given you some more options than just waiting.”

Customer: “Finally! Someone who—”

Manager: “You can either wait in line or f*** off. I’m happy to offer these options as a manager.” 

He chose option two!

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